Rune Yoga is not a sport – it’s magic

Learn from the ancestors and create something new:

Rune Yoga starts, where all the other kinds of yoga stop. At that moment where we all have to connect us. Where we have to let go of the feeling, that we’re not a separate individual but we’re all one. One with everyone, the earth and everything on it. And this creates an amazing feeling of shelteredness and inner peace.

„Nordic yoga? That cannot be. Yoga is from India.“ 


The word yoga comes from the word „Joch“, which means effort, weight, pressure. It’s true that the philosophy of yoga has it’s origin in India, but the exercises come from Europe. The asanas, like we practice them in the yoga classes here in the western world, are all gymnastic exercises, which came to India from the Indogerman region. It was around 1400 AD that the first 15 asanas were created within the Hatha-yoga Pradipika. Nowadays, more than 120 asanas exist.

If you want to know more about this topic, I suggest to read the article of Meera Nanda, a professor for history of science at the India Institute of Science Education and Research in Mohali:


„Runes? Does it have to do with the Aesir?“ 



Every kind of writing is related to the patriachy (rules and laws). It doesn’t seem to be a coincidence, that the oldest known runes are backdated to 100 – 400 AD, the date of appearance of Odin and company. Nevertheless, they were created by people that were still very close to the matriarchy and tried to live their peaceful structure as long as possible.

Because of the enormous power of the runes, it is not recommended, to play around with them. Some of you might know, what kind of wrong games have been played with them in the past. You can find some rough instructions to the asanas on the internet, but which only show a small part of the holistic method that I have developed. Rune Yoga is a bow in love for the universe and serves the wellbeing of everyone and everything. That’s why you should keep an eye on, if your teacher has been certified by me.