Nourish your soul, cause it follows you into eternity.

I am nobody. We are all nobodies. A very liberating insight.

It is only my calling to give Rune Yoga to humanity. It was no free will. If you follow my path of life, you will understand:

I was born as a daughter of a beautiful swedish woman, who escaped from death and is blessed with a wonderful voice and a sunny spirit and a German, who courageously survived the adversities after the Second World War and is blessed with the gift of a healer and which you can rely on 100%.

I lived and breathed within the legendary landscape of Sweden in the middle of nowhere on a listed farm, where also my grandparents, who were researchers and writers, lived.

My understanding for the beneficial energy of the right breathing technique and producing a tone that transports the real you came inevitable through me being a Singer and Vocal Coach in my own singing school in Hamburg/Altona.

My instinctive comprehension of languages comes as a result of my bilingual family background in combination with me also being a European Secretary and speaking seven languages.

Experiencing the healing methods of the physical body comes through me getting taught by my father as a physiotherapist, learning Shiatsu, foot reflexology and general massage techniques. My first yoga experience was with Hatha Yoga and then I enjoyed the wonderful supporting impact of Kundalini Yoga for several years.

My exorbitant interest towards other cultures, traditions and philosophies makes me spend hours in the library in order to constantly expand my knowledge. I’ve been studying Feng-Shui for years now.

I want to thank my sister for refusing to do yoga because she didn’t want to sing mantras, because she didn’t know what she was singing. That inspired me to go back to our Nordic roots and search for answers. While doing this, I stumbled over an old book about rune magic in my shaman aunts cabin and from then on, all the pieces fell on their place.

If I’ve made you curious and you want to get to know more about me and my ancestors, you can take a look on my Heildenker-page (you might have to run it through a translator though):über-mich/