Through the EARTH and the WE to ME

„Mind over matter“ – that is why the focus of Rune Yoga (unlike other forms of yoga) lies on bending the mind and making it flexible.

Rune Yoga connects us with mother earth. It makes us recognize our inside through the outside. We can see our soul clearly through the eyes of the nature. Discover the unlimited power of the mind, which is rooted in the knowledge that we are the fruits of the earth.

Rune Yoga is like the landscape of the North: rough and mystical.

Runes are one of the oldest writings of Northern Europe. They were seen as very powerful, holy symbols that were only handled by skillful people. They are a relic of the direct ancestors of the Nordic native peoples. Ancestors of people, which were busy surviving the ice age. They had to adapt to the forces of nature and lived in complete symbiosis with their environment.

Rune Yoga makes you live this inner strength. It makes you understand, accept and finally find yourself in complete harmony with yourself and your surroundings.

Ground yourself with Rune Yoga.