„Everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die“

If you want to strengthen your spirit, you have to train it. We dedicate hours of our life in fitness studios and doing sports, but we spend only a tiny part (if at all) of our daily attention on the hygiene of our thoughts. Meditation is an excellent way to clear your mind and to calm it down. But at one point your intellect will start to dictate your life again. So how can you rearrange this dictatorship for your wellbeing?

Science has proven that everything is vibration. A tone is vibration. So how communicate most efficiently with sound? Through „raunen“. The word rune comes from the word raunen, which means creating sounds. But this is only one part of the yoga class. It is divided into four main parts:

  • Right breathing technique (without air, no sound)

  • Working the rune-asanas

  • Rune-mudras with corresponding rune-mantras

  • Shamanic drum meditation

A yoga class varies between 60 and 90 minutes. The duration depends on the rune. You receive a card where you can check off the runes you have already learnt. The order of practicing the runes is not relevant. The beauty of Rune Yoga is, that it is so powerful, you do not have to practice a lot to feel the beneficial effects of it. For some runes, it is recommended not to practice them more than once a week.

Rune Yoga is most effective if practiced with as less as possible clothes on and in the moonshine. As this is not as easy to accomplish in our day-to-day life and the urban circumstances, it is totally fine, if you come to the beautiful studio on the Kampnagel areal with comfortable clothes and a cozy blanket to the following dates (please give us a call before):

Studio Kampnagel Hamburg

c/o Anne Heeg
Jarrestraße 20
22303 Hamburg

Saturdays, 1.30 PM and 3.30 PM

Sundays, 4.00 PM

Rune yoga class rate: EUR 25

As soon as I have found another suitable studio in Winterhude or Barmbek, I can even offer Rune Yoga in the evening on other weekdays.

I also offer Rune Yoga in Dahme an der Ostsee:

Therapeutikum Ammann, Berlinerstrasse 8, 23747 Dahme

 Dates in 2019:

Sa. 23rd of February, 3.30 PM

Sa. 23rd of March,  3.30 PM

Sa. 20th of April, 1 3.30 PM

Sa. 1st of June,  3.30 PM

Sa. 29th of June,  3.30 PM

Wed. 17th of July, 7 PM

Wed. 24th of July, 7 PM

Wed. 31st of July, 7 PM

Rune yoga class rate: EUR 25